Manicure & Pedicure

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Polish Up Your Image

Stop by our nail salon in Billings, MT for a quality manicure and pedicure

Well-groomed nails can make you look and feel great. Get a full manicure and pedicure at Salon 17 in Billings, MT. Salon 17 offers a selection of manicure and pedicure options for both men, women and children. Our specialists will treat your nails, take care of any cuticle issues and massage your hands and feet.

Treat yourself to a specialty manicure and pedicure combo package. Visit our nail salon in Billings, MT for a relaxing nail service.

Show off your personality through your nails or a fabulous pedicure by DeLaine Rist!

Bright and colorful nails can say a lot about your personality. Salon 17 can customize your nails so that they make a statement. Our mani/pedi services include:

  • Acrylic nails
  • Gel polish
  • Nail sculpting
  • Paint and stone designs
  • Traditional polish

Contact our nail salon in Billings, MT to schedule your manicure and pedicure today; call 406-259-1717.